Two Types Of Lonely

It's difficult to fathom just how many people there are in this world. Sometimes, it seems like such a lonely place. I'm a very lonely person, but by my own doing. This isn't some new revelation by any means. This has been my life. I guess it's becoming more apparent to me because of how lonely it seems that other people are, too.

My one and only friend showed me a vlog channel on YouTube. It was a pregnant lady who vlogged her regular day. She had a video cleaning her bathroom which boasted over 100,000 views. Soon after, I heard of a young man who filmed himself studying in silence for hours and gained 335,000 subscribers. Why are we so attracted to these kinds of videos? My belief is that it feels as though we are socializing with them. While cooking dinner tonight... and even while writing this... I have a vlog playing in the background. It's a remedy for loneliness.

Why are we so lonely? I have two theories.

My first theory is what I think my case is. I think a lot of us are lonely by choice. My place of work is a giant warehouse that supports a giant factory. There is an abundance of people. You won't often find yourself a space to be alone. So how can someone be alone while being within arms reach of so many people? Because, chosen loneliness means understanding that your loneliness is your own doing. Why socialize for the sake of socializing? You're lonely, but not that lonely. It's an example of quality over quantity. I'd much rather watch a vlog starring someone whose opinions and passions I share than go for after work activities with people I don't jive with. Why prolong the agony of being around people you can hardly tolerate while being paid for it? I enjoy the internet for making the world seem smaller. It's a treasure to find people around the world with whom I have commonality. Yes, it's a little sad to not feel connections with as many people in the flesh, but I wouldn't trade it.

Secondly, I feel as though ignorance has turned many people into undesirable friends. If you read comments online, you'll see one nice comment and twenty-five trolls. Those trolls are real people. There is a definite decline in etiquette anymore. Many people that I know personally spend their days doing and saying rotten things. They gossip, they judge... they do things that spotlight their insecurity, and they are ignorant to the fact that it makes for a shitty person to be around. Then they wonder why their best attempt at initiating a get-together gets lukewarm responses. It's almost comical sometimes to hear what haters have to say about other people, because you can almost bet that they're talking about themselves. Too many people just aren't fun to be around. Sure, technology has taken most of the blame for the lack in genuine human interaction. But have you taken a second to think about how many bad people there are? Watching vlogs may be their only opportunity to interact with people in everyday situations.

Basically it's our own faults. Whether we want to distance ourselves from undesirable people, or your yourself are undesirable, there is apparent distance socially. Am I lonely? Absolutely. But I won't consider changing my homebody ways until there is someone worth taking on an outing. I'd sooner watch mukbang.

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