Posh Particular | PreLoved Luxury

If something was once loved, do we love it more or less? When it comes to luxury, I say MORE. One person's treasure becomes another person's treasure. To be economically friendly could be reason enough to shop PreLoved. But what's the real selling point? Chanel. Saint Laurent. Occasionally unattainable items are almost affordable, sometimes a fraction of the original purchase price. And because these items were loved, they were handled with care. Some of my PreLoved items are my favorite pieces in my closet.

Chanel Tweed Blazer - A seasonally diverse piece that can make even the most casual outfit smart. Tweed is an iconic material when it comes to Chanel. As tacky as it might be to discuss price, this gem was mine for a cool $450. Similar items are priced in thousands, even PreLoved. This color combination is classic. While I am considering getting this tailored, the piece as it stands is perfection.

Chanel Jersey Mini Flap, Christmas 2011 - Jersey, arguably the least intimidating of Chanel fabrics. This mini flap was created in a year very special to me. Not only did I turn 21, but I started my career. Simultaneously, Chanel created this casual piece that effortlessly elevates your look. Silver hardware is always my choice. This piece will stand the test of time and is classic with its own unique charm.

Saint Laurent Amber Heels - Beautiful? Absolutely. Comfortable? Not even close. It was Posh Spice who first showcased strappy heels in a way that I could only hope to do justice when I grew up. And in this particular situation, it was for a good cause. These PreLoved heels were once in the closet of Australia's Chloe Morello. Girl Power!

"I'm very sure of myself - what I do and what I like." - Yves Saint Laurent

"Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman." - Coco Chanel