My First (& Last?) Manolos

I never considered myself to have much in common with Carrie Bradshaw. But the way she glorified Manolo Blahnik created some desire, at least to try out the brand. In the past, I have tried the BB Pumps only to find discomfort. Then they went on sale! As if that was going to affect the fit of the shoe... call me a dreamer because I can't handle words that would better suit me for buying not one but two pairs.

They both ended up going back to Nordstrom. But you know what? It was an experience. Not only did I see how little Nordstrom inspects your purchase upon return, but I learned that I am a sucker for a sale. Something to work on and improve!

Note: The pink pair didn't even make it to a photoshoot. Is this how Cinderella's stepsisters felt? My poor feet!

Despite the warning they heeded, I went with my regular size. Note that these are sold out. And the sale was spectacular. Maybe once in a lifetime... okay, once in a season. But still, it pained my to say goodbye. Should I have kept them and sold them on Poshmark for more than I purchased them? Would I have seen a return on my investment, or was a return to Nordstrom best? There wasn't even a time limit, as I purchased these in May and obtained my refund in July. C'est la vie.

HONORABLE MENTION: My new Hermes scarf is a favorite purchase of 2020


Based on the design of the La Folle Parade scarf: This young French illustrator creates her first scarf, expressing her whimsical world on silk. This Folle Parade, "an enchanting masquerade straight out of a toy box full of wonders", was inspired by an 18th-century engraving depicting a carnival float in Rome. Humor, fantasy, and a touch of madness emerge from this composition. The float in the center is surmounted by turrets and pulled by a disguised, masked horse. A multitude of strange and humorous tableaux play out around the edges, with wheels, architectural features, masks, tortoises, men with animals' heads, and jacks-in-the-box all busying themselves, frolicking around in constant motion.