My Favorite Accessories

Fashion didn't always excite me. In fact, basic clothing pieces will always have my heart. How do I dress them up and showcase my own personality then? Accessories. It doesn't take much to make an outfit "mine," especially considering my own features are unique enough. But the perfect set of accent pieces can do plenty for an ensemble. Every day, I wear the same set of Tiffany rings. It has been about 8 years since I purchased them. But still, they make my outfit. And we have invited a few new additions to the family.

Chanel Logo Earrings - These are a preloved find because I had my heart set on purchasing a solid piece. The reputation of the set with little gems inside is the worst of any Chanel product. So with patience and vigilance, I found the perfect pair.

"Diamond" Studs - Would you believe this set is from Amazon? There is a bigger pair that I have since replaced with the Chanel earrings, but still. This is a beautiful way to showcase your little lobes. And because they're not real diamonds, you shan't worry about pulling a Kim K and dropping them in the ocean.