Going on Thirty

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

1990 was 30 years ago?! Here I am. In my three decades, time has most definitely been on my side. Each year has felt like an adventure. My late 20's were spent preparing me for this moment. Luckily, my priorities have served me well. Here I am. I am thirty!

No matter what, the past has been a learning experience. And if every piece brought me to where I am today, then I will continue to work at accepting everything with grace. This decade is mine, just as my entire life is. It took a lot to get here.

At 20, I was in a laughable place in life. I had no bank account, no driver's license, no sense of any direction. I had no support. For some reason, I always felt lonely in childhood because I didn't have my person. But as I got older, I truly realized you have yourself. There will come times when you meet people who do care enough to help you, and you will accomplish more with them. Still, I the only person you have is yourself. I knew that I wanted to be settled in a home, and to live a certain way. It took a bit of planning but I got there! At 25 years (1 month and 3 days) old, I purchased my home. At 30, I wanted that home to be my only debt, and it is.

Luxury has always been intriguing to me, and I've always thought it to be attainable. But I never want to live beyond my means. My career has allowed me to be able to purchase some key luxury pieces, and it won't stop here. After making sure the grown-up parts are taken care of: home, car, savings... I have been taking the time to enjoy myself in the luxury market.

No part of my YouTube channel or life in general has been meant to be boastful. Rather, I go online to review products and identify what I deem "worth it" or not. I try my hardest not to appear a certain way, but also I'm not too consumed in walking on eggshells to avoid hurting those who are too sensitive. It isn't up to me to console someone who hates luxury and clicked onto a video with Louis Vuitton in the title. I've become a woman who is not at all interested in what others think, or what others even do. Negative people are quick to use "arrogant" and "self-centered" as jabs because they want to normalize people being enveloped in gossip and talking badly about others. I say concentrate on yourself, help yourself, be yourself. It is much more fulfilling taking time to improve yourself than to sit and gossip about someone who is doing that.

It's early, but 30 has been my favorite age so far. I feel the best, I might look the best, and I've created a beautiful life.

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