Bullet Journaling

I'm journaling about journaling... but it's so worth it to note that bullet journaling is an incredible thing! Writing is such a stress reliever. Bullet journaling is on another level. You have your journal, your calendar, your EVERYTHING, all together. It's your own personal aesthetic. It's you, on paper. Mine is really pretty & I love it. As far as writing goes, I don't delve too deep because I do like to showcase it. Still, I feel so much better pouring my heart on the pages in words or visual art.

Starting my bullet journal was an intimidating task. I overthought every piece of it. But the more I did, the more I did (if that makes sense). The calendars are useful and appealing. My journaling pages are bordered so there's at least something to look at as well as something to read... if you can decipher my penmanship.

Bullet journaling is something I recommend to everyone. My soul feels good.

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