Budget Baddie: $plurge or $ave?

Budget Baddie: $plurge or Save?

Style has never had a set price tag. Whether you’re shelling out hundreds of dollars or digging through a bargain bin, you can look chic or tacky. But how do those tres chic girls manage to look so put together? It isn’t all about the splurge. There are MANY items you can spend less on while still maintaining the integrity of your fashion sense.

There are no rules of fashion, but here are a couple guidelines I live by:

  1. Flatter Yourself! No matter what the new trend is, make sure you look good in it! If a current style of pants makes you look wide, skip out. Did last year’s look gave you the best silhouette? Keep it up! The best thing you can do is flatter your shape, skin tone, hair, etc!

  2. No Knockoffs! If you’re tempted at all to purchase a knockoff LV, I say skip it. There are countless chic pieces at TJ Maxx, Forever 21, etc. While there is nothing wrong with designer inspired pieces, just say no to anything with fake designer labels.

So how do we create baddie looks? I say know what to spend money on.

For me, I can look like a popped can of biscuits if my leggings don’t hit me just right. My breasts can go from sexy to doughy really quickly. Here are some items that I personally buy as high quality as possible in order to flatter my body:



Personally, Victoria’s Secret has been the best to me when it comes to leggings. Unfortunately, my rolls like to hang out on cheaper brands, so these are a must for me. My tummy is controlled, my waist is cinched. It’s worth the price tag for me.


Again, Victoria’s Secret is it for me. I buy t-shirt bras for higher neckline days, and padded pushups for a sexier look. Cheap bras can make me look tired really quick.

Designer Staples

If you want the boughie (bougie? boujee??) look, then you probably have your eye on luxury items. The trick it knowing what’s worth it to buy.

Purses are always a great investment. Most designer bags are of the neutral color palette so the perfect bag can complement, or even make, your look. There is a broad price range even for designer pieces. Marc Jacobs & Rebecca Minkoff are a couple of my favorites from Nordstrom. Classics like Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Dior are iconic.

Belts are a very subtle way to showcase a designer brand. It isn’t as noticeable as a bag, but it still has high impact on putting together your ensemble.

Shoes can be worth the price if they are effective at bringing your outfit up a notch. Anything from Adidas sneakers to Louboutin pumps can make your entire look. With that being said, there are absolutely less expensive options as well. But a shoe can be the perfect pick me up on an already beautiful outfit because of how subtly chic they tend to be.

What’s not worth the extra cash? There are plenty items that you can easily pick up for the cheapest price you can find!



Tops can be a dime a dozen! I have yet to justify buying a spendy top because of its designer label. A simple black t-shirt can be so chic. Pick one up at Walmart or H&M. No need to save up. In fact, buy cheap enough to have a bunch for regular use.


Since sweaters/hoodies probably aren’t worn with the intention of showcasing your every curve, there isn’t much of a fit difference between H&M or Marc Jacobs.


This may stem from my disdain for having to put on a coat, but I can almost never justify hefty price tags on jackets. They are available so cheap anymore! I say stop at Ross and grab a coat, preferably in a neutral color. I have a $10 jacket with a faux fur hood that gets me more compliments than my MK peacoat I got as a gift.


Jewelry doesn’t have to be real gold or diamond, but buyers need to be conscious of how their items will wear. There isn’t anything chic about tarnished nickel or green fingers. You don’t have to frequent Tiffany & Co. for every piece they have, but it is a little more of a hunt to find quality pieces. I stay away from Claire's, and opt for lovely boutiques instead.

Shoes again, are a category all their own. When it comes to heels, you probably won’t find comfort anyway, so it’s worth your time to check out some less expensive options.

What are your favorite pieces to splurge on? What do you love to purchase without breaking the bank?