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safety 101

It might seem a bit random, getting into such an activity. How does one even begin a hobby? Unfortunately, some people experience dangerous situations and find themselves ill-prepared. I didn't want that to be me. So this was merely a bucket list item that I actually wanted to do before turning 30... but better late than never. 

A women's safety course seemed like the ideal introduction to firearms. I took a 3 hour class to learn the basics. That alone created my current mindset. Listening to a professional explain the importance of safety, without instilling fear, was empowering. 

A surprising aspect of the class was the patriotism. The walls of the range are decked with American flags, and the lesson plan was sprinkled with appreciation for our country. That is a beautiful thing!


the range

Practice makes the heart grow fonder. Wait, that's not it. But it's true! I highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with whatever it is you're into.

Before ever going to a range, I had the scariest idea of what it would be like. I was happy to be very incorrect. The rules are strict because gun safety is no joke. Still, it is very fun! Familiarity & comfort around that environment has been beneficial.